How to add device to 'Automation' 'Turn lights or switches...'

I have created a custom device (some motorised blinds) and connected them up using a SmartApp and Device Handler - I have ensured they support the ‘Light’ capability and its commands (‘on’, ‘off’).

So that I can close all blinds when I leave, or go to bed, I would like to add them to an Automation.

The issue is I cannot see this device in the list of Lights or Switches menu that appears in the Good Morning or Good Night automations. I would appreciate any help if they have created device handlers which support Automations.

I have added the capability as follows:

capability "Light"

def on() {
	return open();

def off() {
	return close();

The Routine automations (Good Morning, Good Night, etc.) work with switches of capability type “Switch”. Try updating your device to support the Switch capability, re-publish for yourself, and it should show up in the available list when configuring a routine.