How to: Activate a Predefined Hue / LIFX Scene from SmartThings / webCoRE

When saving a scene with one effect running…when executing that scene directly in the app the effect does not run…only the selected color…

Anyone faced the same issue?

Hey there, so I uninstalled and reinstalled webCORE to make it refresh the LIFX scene list – 24 hours later and I still get no Scene List inside webCORE.

In the pistons, the error is:
“Sorry, there seems to be no available LIFX scenes, please ensure the LIFX integration is working.”

But other LIFX features like “Toggle” and On and Set Color work – just no scene list. Any ideas?

Hey all new to home automation, but been dabbling around awhile. I just DL Webcore to check it out. I love the LIFX app due to the fact it has a lot of themes built in…why dont any of these come up in the drop down? If its looking for scenes can I save the current theme as a scene?

I’m having the same problem as sumya in Jan '18 - LIFX integration is seeing the Lifx bulbs, but not the Lifx scenes: there are no values in the dropdown and if executed I get the error “Sorry, there seems to be no available LIFX scenes…” I do have scenes defined in my Lifx app; have logged out of webCoRE and back in; generated a new Lifx token for webCoRE; and even revoked Lifx access from ST and generated another new Lifx token to try and start clean. But I still only see the Lifx bulbs and not the Lifx scenes. I’m hoping someone can help before I go completely crazy! :slight_smile: I’m very new to webCoRE (about a week playing around with it, and it’s amazing) so feel I must be missing something terribly basic. Thanks!

Same problem, no scenes showing up in the dropdown for value. Any ideas on how to fix?

Was trying to move the LIFX portion of my ST scenes to webcore because the LIFX lights never complete the scene actions fully when ran from ST, extremely frustrating. Anything beyond “on/off” is a gamble as to whether the lights will adjust to the correct color and brightness.

Not sure how I fixed it, but now it works. I made a new scene in LIFX app and suddenly all the functionality missing for LIFX is now showing up in webcore. I also generated a new token, so not sure what actually fixed it.

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