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How to: Activate a Predefined Hue / LIFX Scene from SmartThings / webCoRE

(Sergio Ferreira) #21

When saving a scene with one effect running…when executing that scene directly in the app the effect does not run…only the selected color…

Anyone faced the same issue?


Hey there, so I uninstalled and reinstalled webCORE to make it refresh the LIFX scene list – 24 hours later and I still get no Scene List inside webCORE.

In the pistons, the error is:
“Sorry, there seems to be no available LIFX scenes, please ensure the LIFX integration is working.”

But other LIFX features like “Toggle” and On and Set Color work – just no scene list. Any ideas?

(Eric) #23

Hey all new to home automation, but been dabbling around awhile. I just DL Webcore to check it out. I love the LIFX app due to the fact it has a lot of themes built in…why dont any of these come up in the drop down? If its looking for scenes can I save the current theme as a scene?

(Kent) #24

I’m having the same problem as sumya in Jan '18 - LIFX integration is seeing the Lifx bulbs, but not the Lifx scenes: there are no values in the dropdown and if executed I get the error “Sorry, there seems to be no available LIFX scenes…” I do have scenes defined in my Lifx app; have logged out of webCoRE and back in; generated a new Lifx token for webCoRE; and even revoked Lifx access from ST and generated another new Lifx token to try and start clean. But I still only see the Lifx bulbs and not the Lifx scenes. I’m hoping someone can help before I go completely crazy! :slight_smile: I’m very new to webCoRE (about a week playing around with it, and it’s amazing) so feel I must be missing something terribly basic. Thanks!