How smart things classic work with regard to device latest status

hi all;
quik question:
I have noticed that in classic app when I launch it, the status of the devies is the latest that the app remembers and not the actual status currently in the device.
so, for example, if I used the app itself yesterday to turn on some light, and a day later I turn it off manually, and after that launch that app again, the status will show the light is on even though its off.
is this the way its supposed to be?

Definitely not. I’ve been using the Classic app since the beginning, and while it sometimes can be delayed/slow, I don’t recall seeing something like what you’re describing in years. I just opened the Classic app, and all my devices are properly reflecting their correct state. Perhaps you have a caching issue?

I’ve been purposely using the new v3 app the last couple days, with very good success I might add, and I’ve noticed that it will take a few seconds to refresh device states, but I also have 267 devices…

Anyway, no that’s not typical behavior for Classic.

OK thanks I will try to provide more info and post here

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What do you mean by “turn it off manually”. Is this a smart bulb that you are cutting the power to by turning a lamp off?

hi @Bry, I have a firabo double switch on the light. what I mean my manually is actually turning off the light from the wall switch and not the app.

some device dont report back imidatily, open up the device a click refresh to ‘poll’ the device