How Often - Lose Connection Z-Wave Device

How often does everybody loose device connection or a device stops responding? I had 4 devices drop off friday. Thermostat, 2 aeon energy switches, and a kwickset lock. I was able to get the thermostat online by disconnecting the power. Seems to be a weekly thing. All my devices are less the 30 feet away from the hub. I try running a repair weekly.

If you have more than one device drop off at the same time, I would definitely talk to support to see what they can see from their side. That’s very unusual for zwave.

You can email them at

Opened up a ticket the 23rd. They asked if the could peak in on my setup and do some troubleshooting. I just wanted to make sure this wasnt a normal problem. Maybe someone had some tips or suggestions.

Having one particular device that has problems staying connected isn’t that unusual. Often it’s a matter of local interference, of range issues, or just a defective device. It can happen.

But having multiple devices all drop off at once is very unusual. Either there’s a severe interference issue (possible, since the devices are all close together) or there’s a problem with the hub’s connections.

If you turn on the microwave, it’s very likely that all the WiFi devices within about 10 meters will be significantly affected, then go right back to normal once the microwave shuts off. But they won’t typically lose connection all together.

Similar things can arise with ZWave, but again, interference usually causes temporary problems connecting, not permanently dropping off the network and requiring a reset.

Sorry you’ve run into this. Hopefully support will be able to help.