How many things do you have?

I think I read/heard somewhere that Alex has over a hundred Things in his house. Now, I’m no where near that numbers, but I get excited each time I add a new Thing to my network. About every other night, time permitting, I’ve been added one or two new things to my network. Right now I’ve got:

2 In wall outlets (rigged with relay to act as garage door openers)
1 SmartSense plug in outlet
3 SmartSense open/close sensors (side door, and one on each garage door)
1 Dimmer switch in my office/computer room.
1 Three-way dimmer switch in my dinning room.
1 On/Off switch in my kitchen.
1 On/Off screw-in module above my sink
1 SmartSense Motion sensor.
1 Kwikset lever (side door)
1 Honeywell Thermostat.

I still have two dimmer switches (one three way), one in-wall outlet, one plug in outlet, and two open/close multisensors to setup. It’s kinda nice doing them a different night… sorta like a birthday that keeps on giving! Of course, I’m driving my wife nuts. Whenever I put a new switch in I seem to “accidentally” leave the lights on in that room after I leave it and then I’m “forced” to pull out my phone and turn off the lights.

I have around 16, I have promised myself I will work with what I got for a couple of months before fitting out the rest of the house. This stuff gets expensive fast.

1x In wall outlet
1x SmartThings wall outlet
1x SmartThings Motion Sensor
2x SmartThings Presence Tags
2x Smart Multis
1x Schlage Doorlock
8x GE Dimmers & Switches

Future plans will be

Garage door setup
2-3 More Multis
Around 6-7 more light switches
Another Z-Wave lock for the backdoor

I got my double pack last Friday and I’ve only put a couple of things in service so far. I haven’t even begun to explore the other things I can incorporate. But, after just a few days of use, I can see that it would be really helpful to be able to unify my SmartThings with those other things that need an app of some sort to run it. One simple example – I charge my phone overnight. Til now I’ve had the charger on a timer that comes on a 12:30 and turns off at 4AM. What I’d like to do is have my phone turn on the SmartPower outlet at 12:30 or at a certain battery threshold and turn it off when it reaches a full charge. I think I can do that by using the Android system of Intents to drive the app on my phone based on its battery level but I haven’t really delved into it yet.

3x Smart Multis (Mailbox, Garage Door, Upstairs Window)
1x Smart Outlet (Gets shuffled around)
1x GE In-Wall Outlet (Lamp in living room)
4x GE Light Switches (Porch lights, street lamp, dining room, overhead lighting in living room)
1x MimoLite (Garage Door)

I really wish Nest could be integrated. I purchased mine last year before Smart Things ever went up on Kickstarter. Hopefully that will happen eventually.

Still waiting on the smart things store to go live. I’ll be buying 2x presence sensors immediately.

I eventually want sensors on all the windows and to replace most of the light switches in the house (minus things like closets). Not sure about plans beyond that. I was going to install a Schlage or Kwikset on the front door, but honestly we never go through the front door. We use that door once for maybe the 50 times we use the garage door to enter the house. So I’m thinking I may just save the money for other things or keep it in mind for way down the road.

Let’s see if I can remember all of mine…

2 x GE wall outlets
3 x Jasco wall outlets
2 x GE plug-in appliance modules
3 x GE z-wave remotes
2 x SmartThings multi-sensor
2 x SmartThings presence sensor
1 x SmartThings plug-in appliance module
1 x SmartThings motion sensor
1 x MimoLite relay to control garage door
3 x Kwikset enabled z-wave locks

and, I am working on adding even more… as funds become available.

I’ve only had my smartthings hub for a few weeks now, but it definitely has become a hobby for me. I’ve got:

  • Smart Things Hub
  • 7x GE Link A19 12w LED Lightbulbs - (two in living area, two in kitchen, one near bathroom/closet, one for bedroom lamp, one for stairwell)
  • 2x GE Link PAR38 13w LED Outdoor Flood Lightbulbs (one serves as our porch light, the other as a deck light)
  • Sonos Play One Speaker (in main living area, possibly will move to bathroom and purchase connect amp for living room/theater)
  • Nest Gen 2 Thermostat (living room)
  • Nest Protect Smoke Alarm (living room)
  • Dropcam Pro Camera (living room security)
  • Wemo Insight Energy Monitoring Switch (hooked up to window ac unit)
  • Aeon Smart Energy Monitoring Switch (hooked up to desk lamp)
  • SmartSense Motion/Temp Sensor (not in use)
  • SmartSense Open/Closed Sensor (attached to front door)

I still want to get a smart lock, a few more open/close sensors and I think that’ll be it for my loft apartment until we get a house. I really want to do some neat stuff with all of these, but I haven’t done much other than having lights turn on to wake us and the sonos greeting us when we walk in the door. I want to get some more sensors, so if any of the three doors leading to the stairwell open, then the light turns on. If motion is not detected for a period of time, it turns off. I need to come up with some other good ideas with my existing equipment.

I guess I’ll chime in… First off, I came from Vera 3 and bought a lot of new things so smart things can play with them.

17 hue bulbs
1 hue strip
2 Sonos Play 3’s
1 Sonos Soundbar
1 Sonos Sub
3 Ecolink motion sensors
4 Ecolink door/contact sensors
2 GE Wireless appliance module
3 ST Tags
1 Aeon labs remote
1 Fortrezz siren
1 Dropcam Pro
1 Yale door lock
1 Kwikset door lock (soon to be upgraded)
1 Logitech harmony ultimate remote.
2 SmartSense Motion Sensors (On order. Arriving today…)
2 First Alert Smoke detectors (On order. Arriving today…)
5 wireless tags (Ordered 14 days ago. Hoping they arrive soon)

And some other stuff that’s not supported YET!

Nest thermostat (Will be upgrading VERY shortly to probably Ecobee 3, but still researching)
Some Foscam cameras.

I am slowly but surely getting things connected. Just got married 2 weekends ago so that has put a stop to some of the things. Hopefully going to pick back up again shortly.

And as I checked the mail today the Wireless Tags came! Can’t wait to get these setup.

I’ll jump in too!

Had Smartthings for almost a year now, and keep buying stuff when I can.

5x GE ‘Neutral-less’ dimmer switches
3x GE In-wall Outlets (kitchen Cabinet lighting)
2x SmartThings Motion Sensors
2x EcoLink Motion sensors
3x MultiSensors
2x Presence Tags
2x EcoLink Tilt Sensors for garage doors
2x Nest Thermostats (upstairs and downstairs.)
6x Hue Bulbs

Still want a few more things. Also trying to get rid of an on/off switch & 3-way dimmer switch that I haven’t opened.