How many ST users?

Are there any stats on how many ST users actually exist?

The only metric I was able to find is the number of ST Mobile app downloads from Goggle Play store, which is 10-50 thousand.

Is this information published anywhere?

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I would be interested as well, I would tend to doubt that ST would release this information because it would be so valuable to competitors.

Considering that the app is free, not every download counts as a “user”. You should also account for family members who share the same account. My guesstimate is that the number of “active” Android users is no more than 30K. Apple App Store does not publish download stats, but we can assume it’s in the same ballpark. That would put the total number around 50-60K.

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Yeah, I bet there are lots of inactive accounts and there are households with Apple and Android devices that would be added to the same hub.

I guesstimated the same numbers…

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