How Many Passwords Do We Need?

Ok - I hooked up my Hub V2 last night. I needed a password to create my mobile account. Then I wanted to find more about Smartthings, so I came out here and I needed a password to access the community forum. But when I just out to the main Smartthings website and tried to log in, neither my mobile password nor the forum password worked. Is the website yet another system? For support and purchase, etc and requires a separate account?

Yes, they all use different passwords. This is due to the fact that they use different systems for each area, the website and the Helpdesk site are not created by ST. So there is currently multiple passwords to remember for each area. I do not think this is an issue that they have or will fix immediately, as they need to restore balance to the backend force first. In other words, they need to resolve the many issues plaguing the system first.

That’s fine… I just wanted to check before I created a new account if I didn’t need to. Thanks.

It would be spectacular if ST simply allowed OAUTH authentication to Google or Yahoo!