How many devices do you have in Alexa?

I thought it might be fun for people to post screenshots of how many devices they have synced to their amazon echo’s/Alexa. I’ll get the ball rolling at 91…


This made me realize just how many battery powered devices I have that Alexa can’t control…


Not very many for me… Only 41. But in my defense I do rent a 1 bedroom apartment.


31 but don’t have every device hooked into it. Only the ones I use with it.

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That is quite impressive!

That also counts routines in ST. My meager list of 6 is 14 with the routines. It’s small but does what I need/want it to for now.

Only 64, many of which are Harmony things. And I only add devices I want voice control over, not everything.

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72 last time I checked but 3 were routines that are disabled because they include a lock. I would have more but need to wire negative wires to some switches. Every switch with a negative wire is a smart one.

I have 25, mostly lights. some devices are virtual switches so I can change routines. I am just getting started in SmartThings.

My wife has a hold on me from going any more because of the ST platform not working as a Smart Home Monitor which is what started me on SmartThings in the first place…

Hi dalec, that’s specifically why I bought smartthings as well and it’s worked great for me as a security system. What isn’t working for you?

It just keeps changing every month it seems. Some months I have issues with the arming and disarming (those are the ones the wife just can’t stand because it fails to trigger an alarm or she can’t disarm the system) Different things just go offline and quit reporting, like this month my Samsung camera (the one they approve with the video capture freature ) just went randomly unavailable to SmartThings but I could still see it using the SmartCam app. The tech support guy had me delete it from ST and start over. It is working as of today. The same happen with the motion detector last month. It just lost communication and quit reporting to the hub. The solution was to pull the battery and reset it. It is working today. The month before that is was the door/window sensors that lost communication and had to be reset. It is at the point today due to over a year of trying to make this work reliably that have my siren on STROBE light only due to the number of times of it going off at weird times and of course it does it when we are sleeping. Now I can say however it was getting better there for a while earlier this spring but it still just needs me to babysit it and verify if it works. I just keep waiting to see if it gets better to try and get the family to adopt it again. As home automation the family is relatively satisfied (thanks to Alexa!) but the security monitoring side not so much. I love this because it has been a fun hobby as a DIY project but the family is not so forgiving.

Yeah, I understand that. I’ve had some issues with my Zipato siren but I think those are sorted out now, and my multi-purpose sensors batteries died but the system still said they were at 60%. Other than those 2 things those it’s been good so far. I just wish they would do a windows app for smartthings so my windows pc’s/tablets would have a good interface.

Here’s my entry here in the UK. Did have it on everything at first but then decided to filter the list to stop me accidentally switching on a siren etc… by mistake. So have a small number disabled.
Would be nice if alexa could see sensors too and report on status and values. Surprised, that after all this time that the official integration doesn’t do more than just turn things on and off.

Have you looked into Ask Alexa? It will add this additional functionality to Alexa that you are missing.

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