How many aeon micros can you fit in a 2-gang box

I was thinking of getting aeon micros with Leviton double or triple toggle switches, just not sure how many I can actually fit in a 2 gang box as I have never actually seen one.


Not sure how big those switches are. Here are some pictures of the gen 2 dimmer micro switch. For comparison this is next to the GE switch. If you need any other angles let me know

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Candidly, it will depend on how many circuits are present. I just tried to install one behind a switch in a 2-gang box. The box holds a 3-way switch and single pole switch, so 4 total Romex (12/2 and 12/3).

Wasn’t even close to fitting.

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ya #12 will make it tighter. Was this the new G2 or the older one. The original is 3x3x1.2" in size while the new one is 2x2x0.7" (Pictured above).

2nd edition. :+1:

I ended up swapping it with GE switch in garage that I could not get unpaired during V2 migration. So it’s living in a single gang box with a single #14/2 circuit.

Worked out well.