How long does it take for SmartThings to re-recognize a LIFX bulb?

Earlier today I unplugged one of my LIFX bulbs to set up two new smart WiFi bulbs. Five hours later, SmartThings still reports it as offline.

The LIFX app can see it.

Home Assistant can see it.

SmartThings cannot.

How do I convince SmartThings that the bulb is back online? Why does it take 5+ hours to re-recognize a WIFI bulb?

Did you try to go in to your linked services and click lifx and save?

Look at the bulb settings in the LIFX app, you will might see that it is cloud disconnected. And that explains a lot…

(Click on the bulb, then 3 dots on the top right, the lights settings gear icon bottom right, then the right top tile will be the cloud connection. )

HA uses the local polling method to control the LIFX bulbs, the LIFX app does the same if you are on the same network. The app connects through the cloud only if you are not on the same network as the bulbs.

SmartThings used to use the local polling method as well, until the new C2C integration came out and made everything worse. Now the bulb has to connect to the LIFX cloud server and the LIFX cloud server has to connect to the SmartThings cloud server, if any of those fails, the bulb would not be controllable remotely…