How I get current date + time?

Hi Friends. How I can get current date and time (I will use it in Sharptools), can I get it from a virtual device ? which DTH has this attribute?. Is there any other way?.

Can you share more details about how you’d like to use the current date and time in SharpTools?

There’s a few tiles that can display date/time and rules have some options for time triggers and time conditions.


Hi my friend. I have a Sharptools variable “$AlarmRecord” that is set with alarm trigger cause when alarm triggers off, like “Front door opened” or “Downstairs motion sensor activity”, in a dashboard is displayed as a record about why alarm went off, I have a switch to clear it out with value “Alarm record cleared”. Now I am thinking to add to the variable the date-hour when alarm went off, like “Front door opened at 7:05 AM on 15-Feb-22” or “Emilia´s Panic Button pushed at 7:05 AM on 15-Feb-22”. I have not found how get date-time… THANKS for your kindly attention.