How easy is it to port Hubitat DTH to Smartthings?

I am wanting this from Hubitat to be compatible with smartthings:

Where would one start in porting this over or is there anyone who does this for people even for a fee?

I had the author’s permission to do exactly that, but moved 100% to Hubitat before getting very far.

For an example of a dual ST and HE app, take a look at my version of Fully Kiosk Browser Controller. The link to a soon to be release version follows

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I have taken a look but unfortunately wouldn’t know where to start when looking at the codes.

Is this something that Is time consuming? Is it something you can port over to this friendly smartthings user over here? lol

When I started on this project in mid December I was partially on SmartThings. However, a bunch of ST outages prior to me being away from home for a few weeks, gave me the energy to finish moving to Hubitat 100%. I continue supporting SHM Delay, the ST version of Fully Keyboard Browser Controller, and Nyckelharpa on Hubitat.

Sometimes porting a DTH or app from ST to HE, or HE to ST is simple, sometimes not, plus there is future time needed for maintenance and updates. It’s a project I’m not considering taking on at this time.

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It can sometimes be as easy as pasting the code and clicking save. It’s worth trying.

Other times you may need to change a few lines of code. There’s a thread on the HE boards about some differences between ST and HE code. It’s centered around porting from ST to HE, but if you followed the reverse it could help you figure out the port going the other way.

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Thank you for the advice. They did import fine into smartthings but then couldn’t find anything else. Not showing up in app etc. :frowning:

Would love to figure this one out. Anyone else interested in this custom DTH?

Willing to pay a freelancer to get this working for me. :slight_smile: