How does zigbee repeat?

I have Keen smart vents, bridge and temp sensors. My sensors are dropping because of range issues I think, so I bought a repeater. I still have range problems I think.

Now here is the question. If I pair the smart vents to ST and dump the bridge will my other devices on ST work as a repeater for the vents and temp sensors? My other devices are things like a centralite light module that doubles as a repeater. (took them from the Xfinity system and added them to ST)

Will my Xfinity zigbee devices work as a repeater for ST or do they need to be connected to the same hub to repeat the zigbee signal? Im thinking they wont help each other because its like another private network, is that right?

And how can you see if your zigbee device has a weak signal?

Each “ZigBee mesh” is a private network. Ideally you set them to different frequencies to help avoid interference, but devices will ignore packets from other Hubs they aren’t joined to.


So anything that can repeat a zigbee signal on my ST network will help the vents range issue. correct? And is it possible to change the zigbee channel of the ST hub or even see what it is? I work for Comcast so I can change my Xfinty home zigbee ch if needed.

Pretty sure the hub zigbee channel is set during initial setup, it can not be changed from the IDE. ???Possibly a hard reset may reassign the channel ???

Send me a PM and I can help with this