How does one get support for the ST app on Android/iOS

How does one get support? I have an issue where the Sinope thermostats are showing up, but instead of showing the temperature, the tiles just say CONNECTED in that spot.

I’ve cleared any code I had before in IDE, there is basically nothing not stock, uninstalled and reinstalled the ST app, cleared the connection to Sinope within the app, etc, etc. Several times…

Each time I add the Sinope connection back, the thermostats are added back with the same issue.

I’ve contacted Sinope on this, they told me to that all thermostats in ST will show the temperature on the tile, they sent me screenshot and recommended I do the above, which has not helped.

In iOS the same issue. I don’t really know what else to try, short of resetting everything which will be a total crapshoot as if I need to do that I will move off ST completely and move onto Hubitat.

I will try ST support, just unsure how/where to send request.


From the app

  1. choose the horizontal line Icon in the upper left

  1. choose “help“ from the bottom of the list

That will show you the support options for your location.