How do you use HTTP switch with Alexa/Google Home

I have Broadlink RM Pro with RM Bridge/Plugin running to control my RF outlets, so I can make HTTP request to [IP]/lights_on to turn the lights on, and [IP]/lights_off to turn the lights off.

I use @CSC’s HTTP button creator to create a button that would make these HTTP requests. So I have one button: one for on, and one for off.

At first I named these “Lights On” and “Lights Off”. However, this doesn’t work too well since when I ask Alexa to turn lights on, it would complain that there are multiple devices called “lights”.

So I ended up naming these HTTP buttons X_On and X_Off. I then create another virtual switch Lights, with a smart light with a program that would turn on X_On on when Lights is turned on, and turn on X_Off when Lights is turned off. The result is ok. I have a virtual switch that I can turn on or off in my app, or through voice command.

The problem is when I turned the lights on without going through SmartThings. The status of Lights is still off, when the lights really are already on. When I ask Alexa to turn off the lights, SmartThings wouldn’t respond since it thought the lights are already off.

My question: is there another, easier way to work with HTTP button? If not, is there a way I could set my virtual switch so that it sends the command (say off) even though the status is already off?


Have you try the http switch? single switch to on / off just like normal switch.

HTTP Switch is great. What it lacks is the ability to “force” turning a switch on or off (in case, say, the switch was turned on by means other than ST.) @btrial’s solution was to create two momentary buttons (see here).

Now I’m trying to combine both. So basically 3 buttons. One to toggle on/off. The other two to “force” the switch to turn on/off regardless of the switch’s state. This is my first DTH, so any guidance would be appreciated. Here’s what I have so far:

I’m just abstracting from all the commands, etc. for now and try to focus on the interface. This is how I understand it works:

  • There’s a parameter switch that could take value “on” or “off”. The toggle tile reads this value and sets the background color, label, and action accordingly.
  • When on() is called, it sets this parameter to “on”… this should supposedly change the toggle and value_tile tiles… but somehow they don’t change.
  • The only change I see comes from putting in nextState.
  • The xxx is just there since I don’t know what to put there.

Thanks a lot!