How do you set up Tasker to wake your tablet when you walk up to it


Is your tablet wall mounted? can you tell me where did you buy the mount and what brand/model is the tablet?

Just wanted to add something that I found, I found a kiosk browser that does all of this with a couple of easy settings, The app is called “fully kiosk browser”. Had some features perfect for what most people on here are looking for.

Features that mattered to me:

  • Autoloads page
  • Auto authenticates if you provide the credentials
  • Auto loads app on reboot
  • Auto wakes screen on motion detection through the camera

Just started using it but dont see any problems as of yet, good luck everyone

I tried using the authentication and it didn’t work for me, but everything else works great. I have this loaded up on an old galaxy note 3 in my coffee corner. When I walk up it wakes up and works great.

For me it worked but then the next day I had to login again, then I tried the setting that auto reloads that page after X amount of seconds, I set it to 3600 seconds, think that is within the timeout margin. I haven’t had to login since then.

I have mine set to refresh at 15 minutes (900) seconds. I have never had an issues with that. You can also have it refresh when it loads.

I can’t tell you the last time I had to log in.

Also there is a lot of discussion on this topic in several other topics.
This one has a lot of info about smarttiles and the many ways people have customized it and use it. Including things related to what your doing.

Is that setting in fully kiosk? I’m using tasker, motion detector, and auto start. I have the login problem. I’d love to have it refresh the page.

Yes everything is done from the fully kiosk browser, I am not using tasker or anything. Works very reliable and haven’t had to manually re login since it auto refreshes

Thanks. I wonder how they got it to auto-refresh. In any case, that wouldn’t be a bad built in feature for smart tiles. . . .

I’ve setup IP Webcam Pro on 4 devices now. It shows up as a simple plugin for tasker. It wakes the screen just like Motion Detector. I’ve had it running for a couple days now.

It has the added benefit of serving as a web cam. Using the Generic Camera smart app, I can now take pictures from any of my smarttiles displays. You can also see the video and audio feeds if you want using something like TiinyCam Pro. The screen does not have to be on to take a picture or stream video.

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With Black Friday coming up, I am interested in buying a tablet to setup to always be on, or come on when approached. I have an Amazon Fire that I setup, but Amazon keeps updating the OS and that makes everything I have done quit working…so I am thinking an android tablet… any recommendations of an inexpensive tablet?

Yes. Use the Fire. I have 3 of them. You can get them for under $30 on Amazon via the warehouse deals. Buy another to experiment with.

Just root it and install Cyanogenmod. That way you won’t have to swipe to turn the screen on.

It’s not difficult. It’s a little scary the first time. But that’s why you are experimenting on a $30 tablet. . .

Buying the warehouse deals fires also has the advantage of getting you one with a slightly outdated OS. This makes them easier to root.

Root Junky has a “super tool”. It’s really just a simple script.

Here are some instructions for installing Cyanogenmod.

With pictures:

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I have one of the Fires running the Fire OS, but I rooted it and blocked OTA updates using the “super tool.” I also changed the launcher to Nova. I’m probably going to put on Cyanogenmod though.

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Well, I will look at it again. I tried once already to root and so forth and failed miserably… was able to side load Google play store… no longer works… loaded Fully Kiosk… no longer works… sigh…

You’ll need to check the OS version the Fire is running. I had to use another procedure to roll mine back to where it could be rooted and install Cyanogenmod. As stated above the older the OS the easier to root.

Well…I am giving up on rooting the Fire while I still have some hair left to pull out. Going to wipe it and give to the grand daughter as an e reader…so…just ordered a black Friday special for a Samsung 7 inch elite tablet and try android without all of Amazons cr*p. Any suggestions? Will I need to root? (Hope not)

The main problem with the Fire OS for use as a Smarttilees display is that it won’t let you unlock without a swipe. Rooting doesn’t allow you to change this either. You have to change the OS. The Samsung will allow you to simply get rid of the lock screen. This is a standard Android feature. It’s unavailable on the Fire because AMZ wanted to show lock screen ads. . . .

Rolling back the Fire OS to 5.1.2 makes rooting easy. What version are you running? (Look in the system updates section of the settings.)

Thanks for asking, but I have spent about 10 hours on this with no luck…read…read…read some more…watched videos,…tried, tried, and tried again…I give up…grand daughter will be thrilled with her own tablet…on to try a Samsung…

Didn’t see it mentioned yet, so note the updated code for Motion Detector intent:


i know it has been a while since this was posted but i am interested in something like this.

rather than using my tablet camera, i am looking for a method to wake my tablet based on motion from one of my smartthings motion sensors. of course i am struggling just trying to figure out tasker and waking display. not too intuitive if you are not familiar with it.

amazon fire hd 10 - with google play installed.