How do you request the NIF be resent?

Subject says it all. I know from having used z-way-server that the NIF can be resent, but I cannot find an example of this being done by any of the Smartthings code I have looked at.

My use case for this is that my Smartthings hub is a secondary controller on my network. I can create devices via the graph console, but by doing it this way I do not get the raw fingerprint displayed. Being able to re-request the NIF (which I believe is what is used to build the raw fingerprint) would let me check to see if the device was correctly registered in the Smartthings hub.

I believe there are other uses for being able to check the fingerprint from time to time as well. If for some reason a device gets dropped and another added back in its place, it would be good to know if the two devices were the same. I have run into this issue with the Dragon built light switches. All of the different firmwares make replacing them in a 1=1 manner… well it easy to mix them up.


I currently don’t know if or how this can be done on ST, but the command you are looking for is called Request Node Info. Maybe you can have some luck via sending raw Z-Wave commands via hubAction() if you look up the correct raw values.

You should be able to do this:

cmds << zwave.zwaveCmdClassV1.requestNodeInfo() 

and get back a physicalgraph.zwave.commands.zwavecmdclassv1.NodeInfo object, but it’s never worked for me…