How do you replace devices in the new SmartThings IOS app?

In the old SmartThings classic app, when a device like a lightswitch died, you could select the device, go into settings and remove/replace the dead switch with a replacement switch with the same name.
This way the device retained it’s place in existing smartapps, automations, etc.

I cannot figure out how to replace an existing device using the new SmartThings app.

I finally added the replacement device using add a new device. Now I have the old dead device plus the new replacement device and I can’t delete the old dead device. The old dead device says it’s offline. When I edit the old dead device and try to delete device, it brings up Z-wave exclusion instructions.

How do I exclude my old dead device, which didn’t work and has already been removed and replaced?

I replaced numerous dead GE light switches in the classic app and never had this problem.

Let the exclusion run, after it fails, it then gives you the option to force delete.

Because ZWave Replace is not implemented in Newapp. With Zigbee you can re-join the device and as long as you haven’t deleted it, it will inherit everything. With Zwave - well. unless there’s something going on we haven’t heard about - you 're stuck with a delete/re-add.

That is awful. So I have to go through my automations one by one and re-add the new device?

I waited for the option to force delete. But the force delete itself has timed out several times.

What type of things might prevent force delete from completing?

This has worked for me for ZWave devices

  1. Note down the Device Network Id (from the ST IDE) for the rogue device that is no longer responding
  2. Change that Device Network Id to something else not already in use (I typically just add a couple of digits to it)
  3. Create a New Device using the IDE with dummy values - I use the same DTH as 1) but that probably is not required
  4. Give this new Device the Device Network Id noted it 1) and remove this new Device from ST, using force delete if required
  5. Re-add the physical rogue device to ST again using its standard Add protocol - this will create a new Device with a new Device Network ID
  6. Note down this new Network Device Id and change it to something else in the IDE (add digits).
  7. Put the new Network Device Id from 6) into the IDE settings for the original rogue device that was not responding
  8. Remove the new device added in 5 (force if necessary)

I’ve been able to do the above, get a device re-added to the Z-Wave ST network, and not had to manually re-do all my automations.

Thank you so much for your detailed instructions! I never thought about fixing the problem in the IDE.
Followed your instructions and everything works again and I didn’t have to redo my automations.