How do you package/mount your LFM-20 so that it looks nice?


I am new to SmartThings and will soon be buidling my first system. As I think forward, one of the first things that I want to implement is automating my garage door with an LFM-20 and there are lots of good posts here on how to wire it and so that should not be an issue.

My question is in regards to aesthetics. When you implement an LFM-20 how do you package it on the ceiling so that it looks reasonably nice and clean? (My wife is very focused on how things look and so it is important that I avoid a tangle of wires.)

One of things that could be a challenge is that it appears that the LFM-20 is really designed for in-wall mounting with in-wall wiring. In my case, all wires are external. (e.g. it will plug into a standard wall jack mounted on the ceiling and all the garage wires are stapled to surface of my garage wall.)

Have you done anything to make the LFM-20 look nice like use a project box or something similar? Are there any other mounting strategies? Any pictures would be helpful as well!


I’m using a LFM-20 to control a wrought iron gate. I’m sure my packaging would work well for a garage door. I got all of the materials from Lowes. Fortunately, my garage doors use the Linear z-wave controllers, which do not need packaging. Something to consider, they work well.