How do you make your Sonos say anything you want through chat?

I saw this, but didn’t see instructions:

Check this out. I imagine that you could make an IFTTT recipe using text instead of launch center pro.

Mike, likewise, I thought of doing this exactly as I was driving home today and was glad to see they’d done it, but can’t seem to find docs on how to do it. The two hangs up in my mind are:

  1. Twilio is push (afaik) and so it needs something to push TO. Lacking any other solution, I’d use something like AWS SQS.
  2. the only ST app I know of the does speech synth is “Notify with Sonos” and I don’t know if that’s hackable for this purpose.

I’d like to do this, and there’s plenty of examples of people who’ve done this, but I don’t want to introduce a bunch of components for a point solution.

Have you looked at the Big Talker smartapp ?