How do you add a hub to a location?

I used to have two locations and two hubs. Home and Work.

I took my hub off the Work location to lend it to someone. Now I want to add it back. When I go into the IOS app I see my two locations and “Work” has no hub. But I see no way to add the hub back in. How is this done? The IDE says see the mobile app to add a hub but provides no help.

First question, is why do you want to run two hubs?

I think you need to get rid of the old work one from the system first. I am not sure if adding it as a second hub is any different than adding a new location. Here is how to add a location:

  1. click on “more” in bottom right
  2. then click the down arrow in the top right next to the gear
  3. then click “add new location”
  4. Follow directions on app
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One is at home and one is at work, hence the names :slight_smile:

So I have to delete my work location to add the hub back. That seems silly. I’ll have to try that later. Thanks.

Ah I guess I miss understood the question. I thought you were trying to use the second at home as well. I would think that if you plug back in the second hub it should reconnect. However, someone else used it and had it connected to there account, I assume, so your bigger issue may be did they remove it or not. My guess is you will still need to re-add it as new since the device needs to be associated to your account and connected to the ST servers under you.

I guess my wording was not clear. I said I took the hub off my work location. By that I did mean that I deleted it. Now I see no way to add it back.

Before I delete my location does anyone know how to add a hub to an existing location?

SOLVED: I chatted with support and you CAN add a hub to an existing location.

Instructions are midway down the page on this page.

Which currently reads

-Tap the More menu
-Tap the gear icon beside the Location
-Tap Add a Hub (Android) / Connect a Hub Now (iOS)
Note: This option is only available if the Location does not already have a connected Hub
Follow the in-app instructions to connect your Hub