How do mass-event triggers work? (aka Good Night!)

I’ve got “Good Night” linked to button #1 on my Aeon Minimote. I also have ~35 Z-Wave devices in the house. The button for “Good Night” turns everything off when it’s time to hit the hay. Naturally, this takes a few seconds to complete.

What determines the order in which everything is turned off? Is it by location? Does it start from the hub and work its way outward by proximity? Or does it go in order by Device ID? Or is it random?

And most importantly: Is it possible to turn off the bedroom lights FIRST in the list? :smiley:

Because it’s a mesh network, messages can and do bounce around the network a little bit, which means there is no forced sequencing. It’s going to be random which ones turn off first, particularly when you are using a minimote.

The best way to change which one to go off first is to either create a daisy chain or use core. To be honest at this point I would just use core. You’ll be able to have pressing one button on the minimote first turn the bedroom lights off, then say a one minute delay, and then the others turn off.

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Excellent. I’ve already used CoRE once to solve a problem, and now I get to use it again. Thanks!

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I would use the good night routine to turn off the bedroom light and a Core rule to make sure everything else is off.


I’ve noticed with CoRE, if I have a lot of devices turning off, the device listed first in my action turns off first. I think I remember reading that somewhere in a core thread.

Select the one you want to do the action first in the checkbox list and they will go first. I have all zigbee things except for three z wave things.

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