How do I work out who is home and send them an arrival message?

Please can anyone offer some help with this Piston? I have no experience with coding in any aspect so i found a Piston that best suited my needs. essentially i’m learning on the job! I am working through it and changing bits to suit me however, i can’t work out the best way to configure the “Figure out who is home send them an arrival message” section. This section was originally setup for deciding who is home and opening the correct garage door using the contact sensors (that bit isn’t required). I would like to know the best way to work out who is home send them an arrival message. Maybe the arrival message is sent when they activate a motion sensor i have by my door??? I have also read that the “Send notification to” action doesn’t work anymore because the Contacts functionality has been removed, i don’t know how true that is. I would be very greatful for any suggestions and/or any general tips that might help a Noob.

Here’s how I’d do the arrival bit. I split the actual arrival and the motion sensor test into two separate events because it’s extremely unlikely that the person will come into the GeoFence and trip the motion sensor at the same time.

Brilliant, thank you!! I’ll give it try and see how it works.