How do I view which scene is currently active?

I have many scenes in my setup.
From the app I cannot locate section to indicate which scene is currently active? Any ideas? TIA

A scene isn’t active. It’s a onetime event, where a set of commands is sent to the specified group of devices.

Once that is done, you could change the individual device states in many other ways: by voice, physically at the wall switch, though a routine.

Even if you hit a combination that exactly matched another scene, there would be nothing in the app relative to that scene to show that.

Scenes are “activated,” but not “active.” Or in SmartThings terms, a scene is “run.” Not “turned on.”


In the past I set virtual-switches as status-indicators. When a scene is triggered then it has to set its indicator ON, and turn related indicators OFF as needed.


Yes, I’ve done this too. Just thought there was a more official way. Thx

Thx for the explanation. Makes sense…

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