How Do I Use New Dimmer Functionality?

I have some Aeotec ZW096-A02_Smart_Switch_6_US (smart plugs), that I use the built in LED ring as a night light.
With the recent change to dimming functionality (must now turn on and set level) I cannot turn on the dimmer without turning on the main switch/plug. Does anyone have any ideas how to turn on the LED ring WITHOUT changing the state the main switch/plug?

If there isn’t anything plugged into it, then changing the on/off state shouldn’t make any difference. I’m guessing the driver dev didn’t, or couldn’t, separate their functions.

I have two of these smart plugs, but I don’t have the same settings options within the routine creation menu. Which driver are you using?

Edit: Never mind, I found the driver. Maybe @CommanderQ can answer your question.

Assuming you’re using my driver that exposes the settings and controls for the light, you should be able to achieve this kind of control. If you go into the “Settings” for the device and set the light mode to “Night Light”, that will keep the ring light on all the time. Then the dimmer and color controls will affect that light, which should allow you to create automations that change those values. For example, if you wanted the night light on at a certain time, you could change the dimmer setting to 0% when you want it off, then some other value when you want it on.

Is that the kind of behavior you’re after? Or maybe something a little different?

I will try your driver I’m currently using the Aeotec driver. I want to be able to have the ring light controlled independently of the main switch which was the behaviour I had until the recent dimmer control change (must now turn on and set level).


I guess I should have checked before I shot off my reply, I’m already using your driver.

See this link: Dimmer Is Not Turning On without Specific On Command: Platform Change? (1 Feb 2023)

I’m using the nightlight setting, but any time the dimmer is adjusted by a routine it now requires an “on” statement to access the dimmer controls, and the “on” statement turns on the main switch. I think with the new dimmer functionality the light needs to be a child component?

I could have a routine to turn off the switch after turning on the nightlight, but it will not work for all of my uses as I have a need for the switch and light to operate on/on, on/off, off/on, and off/off.