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How do i setup a large monitor or tv

(Theredmoose) #1

when I was in las vegas the smartthings guys had the activity feed up on a large screen tv or monitor. i was thinking of setting one up in my living room. maybe even get a touchscreen monitor. how was the TV setup in vegas? has anyone else setup anything similar?

(Todd Wackford) #2

I think it was just displaying the video from the iPad screen. Like multiple monitors.

(Kevin Tierney) #3

Maybe load the android app onto a android set top box

(M203) #4

If one have a Chromecast maybe something can be done (for Android) with Smartthings + Tasker + Autocast

With Autocast you can cast pretty much cast what you want to your chromecast, create custom screens for example and cast.

Here is an example from the Joamgcd google plus community of a dynamically created screen casted to Chromecast. If one can get the values from Smartthings to Tasker it will work. If one can get the autoremote option in notify me when app one can get push atleast to Tasker.

(Theredmoose) #5

That is a good idea. What I was wanting to do was setup a control panel / newsfeed monitor in my kitchen. Get a touch screen monitor and mount it in the wall. The screen could swipe from having Smartthings running to twitter feed, or to a news channel feed, etc.

But I would want to make sure that smarthings dashboard can be used on the touch screen. I will check out the links you guys sent and let you know what I figure out.