How do I return this useless piece of rubbish?

  • The controller doesnt talk to my z-wave devices very well … very slow like VERY.
  • I cant configure any of my devices so for example I cant change my dimmer modules mode parameter ?!
  • The mobile app has stopped working - just says “the request is not authorized by the specified access token” so I cant even use it any more
  • I had to install someone custom code to just get my double switch to act like 2 switches ?!? why isnt this default functionality!!

Seriously? My old z-wave controller which is well out of date and I was upgrading is Much better than this crap

I cant seem to actually contact support too… The app just says cant get support information.

How do I open a return?

Seriously? You simply return the POR to the store which you bought it. Go back to your old controller and be happy. This POR is obviously not for you.


hey, he’s clearly trying very hard to get things working


As far as configuring, you can use the zwave tweaker. You just temporarily assign any zwave device to the tweaker device type handler, configure it the way you want, and then assign it back to the everyday device type handler.

With regard to the other issues, if you’re not happy with SmartThings then don’t keep it. Every system has pluses and minuses. SmartThings is flexible and powerful, but as you’ve discovered, it’s not always easy to find all the features. And it’s primarily a cloud-based system, so it just isn’t going to be quite as quick as a fully local system. If that doesn’t work for you, there are a number of other alternatives. You might find the following of interest:


To contact support, click on “community” at the top right of this page and then click on support at the top of the next page. The options are a little different depending on whether you are in the US or the UK.

Or you can go directly to the support page here:


@JDRoberts is so nice and professional. Actually, this community is filled with helpful people that are willing to bend over backwards for those in need of help. However, whenever I see a title like the one in this post, it doesn’t appear that the poster is seeking help…


Since their app wasn’t working and they weren’t able to get to support from the app, they were at least asking for the contact information. That’s definitely a legitimate question. :sunglasses:

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And he’s nowhere to be found… Must be back in the wink forum laughing at how he trolled us…


Lots of powerful home automation works off the shelf. SmartThings has not chosen to prioritize set and forget capability. But that doesn’t mean it’s impossible or not available. Every system has pluses and minuses. The systems that do offer set and forget capability generally don’t offer the customizability that SmartThings does. Different things work for different people. :sunglasses:

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I hope I can sign up for this class action also!