How do I resize my geofence?

I’m using a Google Nexus 4 phone. I go to “tap to edit your home location on the map” and the map appears with a red circle about 8 blocks in diameter. I’m in a densely populated area, so I’d like to reduce the size of my geofence. When I click on the black dot at the bottom of the circle, I get a message that says, “Geofence Drag handle to resize geofence.” Is there some secret to dragging it? Because touching and holding the black dot and then sliding my finger simple zooms in on the map or zooms out – but the geofence remains the same size. Is there an alternate way to do this via computer desktop?


You can ask, but you are probably already at the minimum geo-fence size for a cellphone, which is 500 feet radius.

The other alternative is the zigbee presence fob which is sold by smartthings and has a range of about 50 feet maximum, extendable to around 100 feet if you use a repeater.

These work great for some people, while others have problems with them. But it is another option to try if you want to narrow the range.

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I too, wish that the ST geofence was smaller, but agree that the cellular technologies, do not allow. The ST fob can deliver a smaller geofence, as tested when we give it to our neighbors when they watch our house, as opposed to when we go over to their home and ST reports that we never left our home.

I am hoping that the ST Presense configuration options will expand in the future to include detection of wireless AP SSID’s and Bluetooth connectivity. This could help when you are in the car, or at a close neighbors home, etc.

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Agreed–microlocation technologies would be great. I initially had a lot of problems because I am in a wheelchair and it can take the bus driver several minutes to unload me from the bus, causing my arrival activities to occur too soon because ST thought I was already home.

Using an idea from another community member, I combined geopresence with another sensor to shrink my geopresence zone down to a few feet. Works quite well for my situation, certainly better than I had before. :blush:

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I’m also having the same issue. I live in NY and every evening, while looking for parking around my apt, I get multiple notifications of arriving and leaving as I circle around the nearby streets, even at 3 blocks aways.

To illustrate the problem, see the block density here in NY:[[153.3%2C40.7622366%2C-73.9241169%2C"%23AAAAAA"%2C"%23000000"%2C0.4]]

Sometimes I take the nearby train, and while passing by, it again notifies me of arriving home.

I reached out to and did not get any response from them. Not even to acknowledge reception of my request.

I really do not understand why it’s an issue to lower the minimum radius.

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