How do I reset Plume HomePass after resetting my Smartthing Hubs?

How do I reset my HomePass App so it will connect to the new network?

Is it possible to set up Port Forwarding inside the Smartthing App without HomePass?

Last Tuesday after the firmware update, my main hub was offline. I have 3 Smartthings WiFI hubs set up in mid 2019. Last Tuesday, my HomePass App showed only my 2 satellite hubs. The Wifi network was working fine, but Z-wave devices were not. I fiddled around for a while and finally reset my main hub to get it back online. Then I had to reset the other 2 and re-organize all my devices. My smarthome network is now more organized and working better than ever, BUT my HomePass App is still looking for the old network. It says NETWORK OUTAGE in red and shows information from before I reset my Smartthing Hubs.

Most or the information I use is included in the Smartthings App now, but I need to set up port forwarding for a new device.

You should be able to go into HomePass,click on the three line menu, click on a pod, then click on the 3 dot menu and select “Delete pod”. Once you’ve deleted all your pods, you should be able to re-add them.

I have deleted all the pods, but I cannot re-add smartthings WiFI pods. I have tried using the main hub’s serial number and using its QR code. Neither seems to work. I think the Add Pod routine is expecting Home Pass Pods, not Smartthings WiFi. For example, it expects a hyphenated serial number.

When you click on the “Advanced settings in Plume” on your Wi-Fi Hub, what happens? Does it launch Home Pass?

Yes, with all the old information, but a red note: a circled exclamation point followed by “Network Outage”

When I try to search for new pods, none are found. When I try to use the QR code, it just sits there even with the QR code centered in the window. The QR code is pretty small so I photographed it and then pointed my phone at the enlarged photograph on a 32-inch monitor, but still nothing. Google Lens can read the QR code, but when I aim the HomePass window at it, nothing happens.

When I try adding by serial number, Homepass gives me an error message: "Something went wrong. WE encountered an error., Please try again in a few seconds.

Have you tried logging out of HomePass and then logging back in with the “I’m using SmartThings Wifi”?

I also tried Advanced Setup, but nothing happens when I touch the pod connected to the modem with my phone.

I forgot to say thank you. I had hoped but didn’t actually expect help from this forum. I am stilll waiting for an email response from Smartthings Support. You were a lot fasterand had some good advice.

Thanks again!

I think I reset my main smartthings hub BEFORE removing the other 2 hubs from HomePass, and that could be what triggered my problem. I plan to give Smartthings another day or two to respond. If I don’t get a response, I think I will have to reset all my hubs again and start over. Unfortunately, I have a lot of stuff that doesn’t natively work with smartthings so it will take a dozen hours to get it rebuilt – well maybe a little faster since I just did it last week.

Thanks again!!!

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Sorry we weren’t able to find a solution.

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