How do I remove an "alias" item from a smartthings hubto which the original item that has been generally excluded?

I inadventantly re-added a Z-wave switch which was previously added, but long inactive due to being unplugged, into my hub. So I had two entries in my hub for the one switch … the recently added one showing active and the older one showing inactive (I would have thought that the re-adding would have just activated the dormant one … but NOOOOOOOOOOOOO … sassafrass!!, it decided to make a new entry). I discovered this and decided to clean this mess up. I had to do a general exclusion on the old entry which appears to have worked. Now I still have the new entry showing up as a switch. But no matter what I do I cannot seem to get rid of it? Anyone have any ideas, tricks, suggestions, pliers, scapels, dynamite to help me rid myself of this entry?