How do I pass a runtime parameter value into a driver?

How do I pass a parameter value into a driver? E.g. a username and password?

The two options for getting user data into a driver are Preferences or Capabilities. User name and password would usually be in Preferences, which show in the Settings menu of the app. Preferences can only be changed by the user - the driver has read only access to them.


The username/password wasn’t a good example. I was thinking of driver wide parameters rather than device parameters. Propbably TCP_TIMEOUT would be a better example.

I’m looking at how a user may pass in a parameter to a driver that has been published on a channel.

You’re still limited to Preferences or Capabilities as your options for user input on the ST side. Many community LAN drivers have taken the approach of having a “main” device (representing the hub or alarm panel you’re connecting to) where any global settings would live. That approach may not make sense depending on what you’re connecting to.