How do I pair Philips Living White outlet with ST

Anyone who knows how to pair the Philips Living Whites wall plug with Smartthings? It pairs easily with Hue Gate Way, but ST does not find it at all. Thinking if you can force it into pair mode?

Does that plug support the zigbee home automation profile as well as the zigbee lightlink profile?

SmartThings will only directly connect to devices that support the ZHA profile.

My understanding is that hue bulbs are intended to work with the hue bridge on the zigbee lightlink profile, but can support the zigbee home automation profile too, therefore it is possible to connect them directly to the ST hub.

I don’t know if the same can be said for that plug-in device.

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This device was discontinued a few years ago. As far as I can tell, although it is using zigbee, it was never certified to either ZHA or ZLL profile – – it was considered “manufacturer proprietary.”

At one point, the hue bridge would accept them, but since both devices were made by the same company, that doesn’t tell us anything about how they would work with other zigbee coordinators. And I don’t know if they were visible to the smartthings hub even if they were connected to the bridge.

I do know there were some community members who said they were never able to gain control of the device from SmartThings. :disappointed_relieved:

So my guess is they are not compatible, but maybe if someone has them working they will post.


Thank you for helpful thoughts and facts. It struck me that the HUE GT could not find LivingWhites socket automatically, I had to force it into HUE GT with the app ‘HUE lights’ and function Touch Link. Well connected it worked great. But it is likely that you describe that it does not support ZHA 1.2 and my chances of pairing it with ST are non-existent. It’s too bad, to have a dimmable removable wall outlet, it’s good to have a smart home.