How do I opt out automatic firmware update?

Once in awhile I received an email regarding a pending firmware update is being pushed to my ST v2 hub at certain date and time. Every time I see that email I embrace myself for the best. But the last one, I’ve had enough of the stability issue and costed me some hours to troubleshoot. I tried to describe my issue with specific explanation but the support I got back was pretty generic at which I had already spent hours troubleshooting on my end. Anyway, I’m really fed up. Enough is enough. Can I please opt out the auto firmware update? Please let me determine to do so after I’ve verified the firmware is stable enough and will not cause any issue.

Anyway, my red flag for knowing thing is not working…(Now it’s truly a sign for me to determine whether ST is flaky). I’ve got several GE Link bulbs (zigbee-based) around the house with pre-configured time to turn on and off. When they’re not supposed to turn on and off at the predetermined time. Then I know something’s up (at least this time I cross-checked with the forum and confirmed that people were having the same issue… stuff not firing, scheduling broken etc… enter link description here. Now I have the confirmation that this defintely has something to do with the ST hub and not the bulbs. There were several issues that I encountered as well, such as things did’nt go off, couldn’t turn on the lights, motion sensor didn’t activate the lights, doors not locking etc…

What frustrated me the most was that I tried to replace a switch in my patio with a GE Zwave Dimmer Paddle (this was before I determined that ST hub was the culprit or the software that powered it). I swapped out with 3 switches (2 were previously working and 1 brand new). All were detected by ST, but then couldn’t turn the lights on. But when it turned on, lights didn’t come one, and then it couldn’t turn off either. Nonetheless, they were all working manually (I could turn on/off from the switch itself, but not from ST app). I went thru all the logics and troubleshooting steps that I could think of. I even doubted myself for not wiring right etc…, but later confirmed with multiple switches that it had nothing to do with the wiring. Then I remembered a recent firmware update and decided to check out the forum. Voila! It’s confirmed that things crapped out on ST end and not any of my doings. Anyway, long story short. I really want to opt out the auto-firmware update program. I want to update it on my time when I deem it’s stable to do so.

Please I beg of you. If things are working, then let them be. There is a saying, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Please don’t reduce my love for home automation.

Thanks for reading.


You. Can’t. And. it. is. very. unlikely. to. happen. Period. :cry:


I’ve had two firmware updates since becoming an ST owner
Both resulted in my system losing the vast majority of its functionality (motion and door sensors mainly)
Both times I contacted support
Both times the generic copy and paste response was to remove every device(!)
Both times I spent days trouble shooting

I could not bear to have ST do this to me again a third time