How do I move a switch?

I’m hoping one of you knowledgable folks could help out an older lady. I am trying to change my house to accommodate getting older with heart issues by putting in some smart lighting. I got a guy to install a few, but because of a mistake, I had to move one from one place to another. It had been connected and worked in the old location, but now it does not respond. Can you tell me what to do in a way someone new to all of this would understand? Thanks so much for your time.

Brand and model of the switch?

GE switch Z wave plus

It says in-wal ez smart switch. I don’t see a model number

OK, in that case, you probably just need to run all a zwave repair utility so that the switch knows who its new neighbors are.

If That doesn’t work or you are not sure how to use it, you can contact support and they should be able to help.

Thanks. I’ll try. I have the new app, which is different from the Classic, but I’ll try to find that option.

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You can run utility from the web access to your account in the IDE if you know how to do that. Otherwise support can help you.