How do I lower the frequency of Motion Detected notifications?

I have a motion detector on my front porch so I know when someone (or something in the case of our cats) is at the front door. The problem I have is that the SmartThings detector (latest one) detects motion/no-motion very quickly such that I get multiple notifications within a minute when people come to the door or leave. I would like to reduce the number of notifications to one per configurable time (a minute or two). I can think of two ways to do this, either change the sensor itself or via a SmartApp. Does this exist, or am I forced to figure out how to write a SmartApp to do this?


I don’t think that ST sensors are outdoor rated. There is no way to limit the sensitivity natively. Any sensir you place outdoors are bound to send unwanted alerts unless you position them appropriately and provides a wide range of parameters to limit sensitivity. As per my experience Fibaros has worked the best outdoors(subject to current firmware update, parameter changing via code, positioning etc.) , aeons are the worst and indoors I love the ST as well as fibaros depending on you want to go zigbee, zwave and plus features. And please understand that it comes from average user and the not the experts friends in the community.

I realize that the ST Motion sensor is not intended for outdoor use, but I’ve mounted it on the ceiling of my front porch, so it is protected from rain, and it doesn’t go below freezing where I live (SF Bay Area), so we’ll see how it works out. So, far I’m happy with the sensitivity of the sensor (no false alarms), I’d just like less notifications within a given period of movement.

This problem is not limited to the ST motion detector.

The ST Motion Alert does not provide a means for setting a “quiet period” between notifications.

Does anyone know of a solution to the OP’s question?