How do I install the SmartThings app on a Generation 7 Fire HD 8


Here’s another method for getting the ST app to work on the Fire tablet: Amazon Fire 7 and SmartThings (Samsung login, Silk, Chrome?)

(AMG) #22

Download Chrome if you have not already.

Open Smartthings.
Enter login
Click continue

Will open up smart things site in Silk

Click Options in upper right. (3 dots)

Click Open In Browser

Choose Chrome.

Reopen Smart things
This takes you to site in Chrome to enter password.

Smart things now logged in.

(Brian Egge) #23

I couldn’t get this to work. It still opens silk inside the SmartThings app. I can log into Samsung from Silk browser directly, but not when using the app.

(AMG) #24

Is your device registered to Amazon?

(Brian Egge) #25

Pretty sure. I followed the guided steps when I set it up and haven’t rooted it yet.