How do I get SmartThings Classic + New Smartthings App To Share Settings?

Personally I’d rather use one app, but I’ve already set up my entire house on the new neutered app, and I’d rather avoid switching it all back to classic. Unfortunately classic has an app I used a lot to make sure my garage door wasn’t left open for more than 30 minutes.

Now I’m in a state where the new app has all my stuff setup, but the old app doesn’t have anything setup, and I can’t join the hub. How do I share data between these two?

Does Samsung have any ETA on supporting marketplace apps on the new UI?

They already share data… As long as you are using a Samsung account to login… They just don’t share capabilities.

They need to share the same Location!

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Make sure you are selecting NEW user when logging in to Classic.

Have you thought of using webCoRE for this?