How do I find out how many users are using my channel invite?

I would like to know how many users are using my channel invite and ideally their SmartThings Id so I can contact them for surveys and up coming enhancements. How do I do this?

I know you can get total of acceptances…

smartthings edge:channels:invites <invite id> --yaml | grep acceptances

I don’t know whether this value is only the active ones or total overall.


You cannot get this type of information from users for security reasons.
A workaround would be that in the post where you shared your channel, ask people if they would like to participate in the survey and publish the release notes of new versions listing the changes/enhancements.

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Thanks @w35l3y
That works a teat!
At least it gives me an idea of the number of potential users of my driver out there.

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It would be useful to have a facility to notify/message all samsung users that have accepted an invitation on a channel.

This could be available without the need for the users details to be available.