How do I contribute a "fixed" device handler?

I have no clue why the default GE Link Bulb device handler doesn’t include ‘capability “Light”’, seems like a boneheaded oversight honestly and breaks homebridge. I am not sure how to contribute a fix. I really would like this to be fixed on the device so that we continue to get local updates for this device instead of delegating to the cloud.

Thoughts on how to raise this handler issue?

Create a Support request?

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File a pull request to this GitHub Repo (if the current version is already published there…):

When you do that you get a weird response like this, my original request was literally providing an updated device handler and asking them to prebake it in so it could retain it’s “local” location ability.


Like I said… To submit a fixed DTH, if it is in the GitHub Repo then a properly formatted Pull Request will usually work.

If it is not in the GitHub Repo, then SmartThings is unlikely to be interested in your fix.