How do I connect the Monoprice Zwave Lock to SmartThings?

Hi Everyone,

I searched google and here and I cant find any directions on how to pair the lock to SmartThings. Can someone please show me where this is documented or give me directions?

Also, once installed, what other things do I need to do to enable user codes in the lock?

Thanks, I appreciate it!

Did the instructions in the installation guide not work ??

It says to enter C 8 8 8 then trigger the lock manually to include or exclude from network

Yes I did that then went in the app and clicked the + to add a thing, but nothing is found.

Did you have hub within 2-3 feet of the lock ? Is the lock working manually with the keypad ( good fresh batteries ) ?
It’s been my experience that when it comes to inclusions locks take that " within 3 feet of the hub and new batteries" line very seriously.

Do you have the proper device type installed in your IDE ? I don’t have a monoprice, I have Schlage, but going through my IDE devices I do not see a MonoPrice lock listed in the standard device types menu. .

Click the + first before doing the C 8 8 8 sequence and manual lock?

The lock is already installed and not within 3 feet of my hub. I ordered a 100’ cat5e cable to allow me to get the hub closer to the lock. I will try again tomorrow.

I havent installed a specific device type. I have just seen a lot of people who said they have this working with smartthings, yet I couldnt find specific information to do so.

I put the hub within inches of the door lock. I pressed “C 8 8 8” then manually turned the lock from the inside. I then went to SmartThings app add clicked the + sign. After 5 minutes of searching, nothing was found. I tried multiple times including pressing the buttons slower and faster and nothing.

Has anyone successfully paired one of these?

I use the same lock on one of my doors. Initiate the search in the app first before doing the button sequence.

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That is your problem. as @eibyer said ST must be in inclusion mode looking for the new device BEFORE you put the lock into inclusion mode. That is standard for including any new device. You always have the hub looking, then activate the device so hub sees it activating.

I tried this as well. I put the hub right next to the lock, went to the app and pressed the + sign, then pressed ‘C 8 8 8’ and manually turned the lock from unlocked to locked. Nothing was found. I then tried the same thing but started with it locked and turned it to unlocked. I tried at various speeds of pressing buttons as well.

When I press c - 8 - 8 - 8 and turn the lock, and I supposed to get any type of confirmation beep that it is in pairing mode? Because I get no indication that anything happens. I get the individual beeps from pressing the buttons, then nothing after turning the lock.

Is it maybe a defective lock? Other than popping in batteries and connecting the one cable, is there anything else I need to do?

The only confirmation I got was when it paired successfully, none during the pairing process. Only activity I saw then was the ST app spinning animation.

Hum, should I get a new lock to see? I just paired a monoprice zwave motion detector just fine.

I got a replacement lock and it paired without having to do any code. Yay! BUT the dang mechanism for turning the knob is physically broken. When I turn the lock knob it isnt smooth, has a lot of resistance, and then click over. I think the new unit is physically defective. Im hoping they straight up refund me this time. Im over this door lock at this point.

Try locking from ST then do the manual way, see if there’s a difference.

I think I got it fixed. I need to now install it and see if the door will actually lock and unlock.

Mine seems to have the resistance when it jams or didn’t lock properly but goes back to smooth operation after I lock/unlock via the ST app.