How do I connect a wired keypad to a zwave relay

I’ve done some research but could use a pointer in the right direction.

I would like to secure a door with a keypad operating an electric striker directly by wire. I want to be able to programable the codes from SmartThings. I currently have a wireless zwave keypad triggering a zwave relay. The relay has dry contacts I expect to use for this.

I’m not sure if I will have better luck looking for a keypad that knows the codes, can trigger a relay, and is programmable by ST; or DeviceX that holds the codes and triggers the relay and is programmable by ST, and a keypad that tells DeviceX the code that was entered.

I don’t know of any that get directly wired to the electric strike, I think in the past most people have done it the other way as you described, just with an electric relay connected to the strike and then a wireless keypad which sends a command that triggers the relay.

Maybe @rboy knows of one.