How do I connect a Hue White Ambiance bulb directly to ST V2 hub?

I understand the implications of directly pairing the bulbe to the ST hub. I have searched the archives, and found different scripts to use as a device handler. I’m confused as to which one would be the most current version and will work with this bulb (some were written for Hue Lux). I would also appreciate a quick list of the steps to take to install and use the script. I am able to reset the bulb by powering it on and off. I apologize if this has been answered already. I am new to this community and appreciate any help! I hope to maybe write some scripts in the future, this language is quite similar to the VB programming I did in the 90’s. :slight_smile:

+1 (I couldn’t get any of the pre-existing handlers to work…In the interim, I’ve returned my Hue’s, and bought Cree’s.)

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I’ve already opened the bulb so I’m pretty sure I can’t return it. :frowning: I will look at the Cree’s. Thank you!

Ok. So somehow I have managed to do it. I added it through the ST mobile app and it named it “thing”. I changed the name and then logged into the API? website and changed the device type from unknown to Zigbee White Color Temperature Bulb. Then VOILA!!! It is working directly through the hub. I had uploaded some device types from repository, but I am not sure if this was one that came from that upload or not - I don’t think it was. So excited! :smile:


Thanks, works great for me too! Would be nice if the supported it via standard add method and just displayed warning that bulb cannot be removed easily.