How do I change the order of actions?

Hello! I just started using this awesome CoRE app! I have a routine that I had working but I wanted to modify and test a few steps. I removed an action in my Then section. I would like to now add it back in but it should be my first action and not last. I am not seeing a way to change the order of Actions other than removing all of them and doing it over again.
It is possible?

If you want specifics here is what I am trying to do:

I have 3 virtual switches for my 4 living room lights.
Living room master , Living room TV, and RED LIGHTS.
Living room master turns on lights 2 and 3 (Lifx) and sets the dimmer and hue/saturation. THEn turns on lights 1 and 4 and sets dimmer level. Living room TV does the same but sets dimmer to low level. RED LIGHTS just turns on light 2 and 3 and sets to RED.
If I turn on any of these and turn them off, no issue. If I turn on 1 and have not turned off another VS, i get mixed results. So i figured it would be best to have action 1 turn off my other 2 VS’s and then start my routing. Similarly, I will do this for my other VS’s.

Therefore using Living Room TV and RED LIGHTS/ Turn off should be at the start.

Any thoughts on how to move the actions?

Thanks! It was not hard to redo what I had, obviously. Just wondered as I have “messed around and had to redo” a bit while I am learning! :slight_smile: