How do I assign a "Thing" in groovy?

Hey guys,

I just bought an actor which actually just switches a small relay. It’s not officially supported by SmartThings but it gets recognized as “Thing”. Someone told me, that he just assigned it in Groovy and now it works. Does someone know how I do this?

I am not new in coding & stuff but groovy is a totally new area for me.

Daniel :slight_smile:

I’d imagine he is talking about assigning a ‘type’ to the device by logging in to the IDE, selecting the device from the ‘[My] Devices’ page, choosing to edit the device, selecting an appropriate ‘Type’ from the drop down list, and saving.

I can’t advise on which type needs to be selected.

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Well that was easy! Thank you :slight_smile:

I had to choose Zigbee Switch Power as type .