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How do I add a custom device handler?


Purchased 2 Aeotec KeyFob remote control ZW088. Within 5-6 days of no use the battery is already at 30%

The manufacturer has sent a file and the following…

“If using the original device handler of Key Fob, it is set to have Wakeup which will deplete battery life, we always suggest that Wakeup should be disabled with this controller so that Key Fob does not automatically drain its battery power.

Please install the attached custom device handler.”

Can somebody guide me how to do this please?

(Andy - United Kingdom) #2

Have a look here :slight_smile:



Very helpful. Thank you.


Hmmm. I’ve created the custom handler and published to me but when I go to the iOS app I can’t see it anywhere.

(jkp) #5

A device handler will not show in the ST app, only SmartApps will. When you install a device handler, you will need to assign it to the device if you already have it paired to ST. To do this, in IDE, the same place you added the handler, you can go to my devices, find the device you want to assign it to and edit that device. When you click on Edit, look for the type field, it is a pull-down menu, any device handlers you have added will be at the very bottom of the list. Select the device handler you added and then click update on the bottom of the screen.


Brilliant. Sorted and thank you.

So just to confirm I won’t need to delete and re-add the device again I can just edit it and change the handler from that menu?

(jkp) #7

Confirmed… no need to remove the device from ST and add it back.


Thanks again for your help. Saved a lot of head scratching.

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JDRoberts has put together an excellent FAQ which you saw above

Here’s another guide with step by step instructions on how to install and update Device Handlers

ST keeps changing the location and names of buttons and tabs (infact they different on different devices) so we try to keep this guide updated as much as possible.


What do I select in the new app to pair if it is from a custom device handler. There is no option for a generic Add device in the new App.

(Dan) #11

Just use the Classic App. Chances are you’ll need to anyway if you’re wanting to use a custom device handler.


Ah Thank you so much. I was trying to avoid that. Brand new to Smartthings and I realize that the app changed recently? So I guess this feature will eventually show up in the new app too?