How cute, My Q embarrassed by Smartsense Contact

After a flawless run for months, MY Q opener/sensor combo, was for the first time, outclassed by the SmartSense Contact sensor…So it happens to the “best” of us too…

Door opened twice in a row

SmartSense got it right!

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I am so glad I got rid of my MyQ sensors/openers. I got constant false positives. Once they started blacklisting ST’s IP’s. I returned them and got the Linear Iris ones which have worked almost flawless (I had one situation where one dropped off zWave network and I had to repair).

Yeah, I am pretty happy with my MimoLite relay. Havn’t had any problems…

That’s because the inside of the linear is basically a mimolite relay.


I have the gocontrol linear which is probably the same thing as the iris shown above.

My own complaint is that the door status / command interaction does always seem to be great. For example, I hit open button on my native opener and if I were to have an automation that told it to open at that same time for whatever reason (say a presence arrival) the go control will queue the open command do its beep warning and then issue the command - which can/will result in reversing the manual opening or stopping it along the way.

The myQ seemed to have avoided such issues when it was integrated with ST. Not sure if the go control is just slow on status changes or what.