How Create a Virtual Device without the IDE?

OK, I give up. With the new environment, how do I create a new virtual device? I cannot log into the original Samsung IDE website, which was always my go-to way to resolve driver issues or to create virtual devices. And there does not appear to be a user way to add one in the SmartThings Android app. I did find something about a Schema manager but that looks to be for developers, which I am not, just a user. So, how I do it now?

2023 Update

See the community FAQ:

FAQ: Creating Virtual Devices Without the IDE (2023)

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Not sure why you can’t get into the IDE, that should still be working for now, although it will go away in the next development phase. :thinking:

Are you using the universal sign on link? It’s working fine for me, but of course you might be on a different shard.

meanwhile, there are two different methods you can use without the IDE.

  1. if you have an android device, use the labs feature inside the smartthings app and there is a virtual switch creator there. But it is not available for iOS.

  1. alternatively, if you want to go ahead and get started with edge, which is part of the new platform, there is a community created edge Driver that lets you create virtual devices. (You do have to have a smartthings hub to use edge drivers. That was not a requirement for the IDE, so I just wanted to mention it.) Edge itself is still in beta, so all edge drivers are currently in beta, but this one seems to be working quite well and a number of people are trying it.

First, the FAQ on what edge is if you’re not familiar with it (The topic title is a clickable link)

And here is the link to the Edge virtual device generator:

[ST Edge] vEdge Creator: a virtual device generator for end users


Thanks for your help. I found the virtual device creator in Labs. As for IDE, since yours works, then the problem must be in my config somewhere. I’ll keep digging to find it.

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do you use a password manager by chance?

This is still the case?!

Apparently so, since the OP said they found it in the app yesterday. But Samsung changed the navigation a little bit since it first came out, it’s no longer under smart apps, you just have to go into labs from the menu.

I meant that part.

Still true as of this morning. The options available under labs vary depending on the phone model.