How complicated will this setup be for Konnected?

So here’s my Honeywell Vista 20p panel in all it’s glory. Looks like a complete mess to me (sorry about the sideways image). I did the Ethernet board addition you see. Does this look like a common install for Konnected (3x6) setup?

If you look close you’ll see tons a piggy-backed sensors on that panel.


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Looks pretty straightforward to me. It looks like you have an expansion board there with wired sensors going to both the main board and the expansion board. Look on the inside wall of the metal cabinet and find the wiring diagram. Use this to find the wires that correspond to each zone and label every wire. If you do that, the Konnected setup is simple.

Thanks Nate. Makes me feel much better. Not too worried about the wire diagram (doesn’t seem to be one) as we’ll just use a multimeter and take it one sensor at a time.

Two questions:

  1. What’s with all the resistors? Will I need those with Konnected?

  2. Where are my three panels connected or would they just be hooked up much like any other sensor?

Sorry for the delay, Rich. Must have missed this reply.

  1. You won’t need the end-of-line resistors. In fact, they will cause problems. Just cut them off and attach the copper wires directly to the Konnected terminals.

  2. Each Konnected device operates independently. They’re not connected to each other. They each talk to SmartThings which acts as the brains of the system.

On Point 2, I get what you’re saying from a Sensor point, but I’m mainly talking about power. The example images show two boards connected via a single power line and I’m just wondering how three panels each get their own power.

Ah, I see what you’re asking. If you order the 18 zone kit you’ll get a power plug splitter like this, and a AC to 12V DC power Adapter to plug it in:

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Thanks Nate! That should be it for me. Now to just find some much-needed patience while awaiting the arrival…

I know it’s tough to wait! I’m getting them made as quickly as possible!

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Hey, if you need any QA help or tech writing assistance, feel free to drop me a note. I owned a major QA company for 16 years so I tend to be a good conduit to consumer thinking and approaches.

Either way, best of luck with this.