How complicated to switch/integrate a second hub?

I have recently noticed that internet connection would drop from my Arlo cameras and smartthings hub. Upon troubleshooting, I discover that while the ST hub is plugged in the loop (mesh router> Ethernet switch>ST v2 hub+ Arlo hub+ Wi-Fi garage controller) the connection drops.
I’m wondering if too many devices (69 according to the ST IDE) could be causing this issue.
I just so happen to have a Samsung connect hub/router that I’m thinking I could use as a secondary hub.
1 would, say, splitting the devices between the two hubs help with this issue
2 would it be very complicated to switch the devices
3 would I have better luck just doing away with the v2 hub
I’m going to try moving the ST hub away from the mesh router and directly to the main router tomorrow

Sounds like something else is going on. I’ve got 283 devices in ST (v2 hub), and another couple dozen wifi devices on my network.

Have you rebooted your router lately?

based on your description, I would suspect a problem with the ethernet switch or ethernet cables before looking further.

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Yes the main router has been rebooted since the issue started but not since I noticed the mesh router dropping sync. I was able to try connecting the v2 hub directly to the second port (with a new Ethernet cable)on the mesh router while the first port still connected to the switch and after 30 min it dropped again

How many routers do you have again? Depending on how they are setup and if you actually have 2 routers you could have a double nat. Double nat is known to cause network weirdness.

So I was able to move the hub to a hardwired connection and not 1 single drop in over 3 hours. My setup is main router/modem upstairs, a single mesh router with 2 gigabit ports, a switch, and then the v2 hub, Arlo hub, garage controller. Don’t know why the conflict but everything works fine with the v2 hub upstairs(I was worried about the mailbox multisensor, but it’s ok) hardwired