How can vibration through smartthings multipurpose sensor trigger Alexa routine

I am new to smartththings field,
And I hope if someone can guide me to a step by step tutorial on how
Can a knock on a door/vibration with an attached ST multipurpose sensor trigger Alexa routine.

Knowing that I have ST multipurpose sensor, ST hub, and Alexa Echo Show 5

Alexa Routines can be triggered by motion and contact events from ST. The multi sensor has a contact sensor but I’m not sure if Alexa sees the vibration as a open/close event. You would need to test that by seeing if you can tie that in.

If not, you can make a simulated contact and use the popular rule engine webCoRE to open/close the simulated contact based on vibration events from the real sensor. You would then use the simulated sensor to trigger the Alexa Routine.

Just search for installing webCoRE. There’s a dedicated site and Wiki with full instructions.

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You don’t need webCoRE. A standard ST automation can trigger on vibration and control a simulated switch.


You are correct.

I abandoned the New App Automation Engine because I found it not to be reliable. Also, the history in the New App doesn’t give you much information. Most of all my Rules are in webCoRE with medium logging enabled.


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Thank you for your reply
Can you please describe how can I create a simulated switch using vibration to trigger Alexa routine to announce that there is a knock on the door?

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